Sample Menu

The above is a typical Freewheelin’ Pizza Menu. Our classics remain the same year round. With The Freewheelers, we endeavour to be as creative and interesting as possible whilst using the freshest seasonal ingredients. This gives us the opportunity to indulge in our greatest passion - combining interesting flavour profiles with the goal of creating a truly delicious and unique pizza experience. We are also more than happy to cater for any specific Menu requests, including dietary requirements, where possible.  

We believe that vegetarian and vegan food should never be an afterthought. We fully cater for these diets as a part of our regular menu and are more than happy to come up with exclusively veg/vegan menus as well. We have also worked tirelessly to create an excellent quality Gluten free Pizza base that we are yet to find an equal for! Unfortunately due to the flour-y nature or our operation, we cannot cater for Coeliacs just yet.